Web Applications

Our favorite language Python offers a variety of lightweight web frameworks that are perfect for custom web apps - meet two, Pyramid and Django

Web frameworks provide the technical scaffolding that supports the development of a web application. Web frameworks come and go as technology evolves, and the Jazkarta team has worked with dozens of them over the years - in fact one of our team members wrote a book about them: Python Web Frameworks

These days we find ourselves frequently reaching for two in particular.


Pyramid LogoPyramid is a well designed web framework with a focus on simplicity and minimalism. It can use a wide variety of backend data stores, including relational databases and Elasticsearch indexes. It is well suited to serving data to a dynamic Javascript frontend through a RestAPI. It is also well documented and fast.

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django-logo-positive.pngDjango is a web framework with a point of view, with a basic architecture (templating, forms, authentication) that is largely predetermined. It's designed to work with relational databases, and it includes an object-relational mapper so it's easy to connect an application with a database schema.

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