About Jazkarta

Jazkarta builds extraordinary websites for non-profits, universities, and research institutions - meet our team and read about the way we work


What Makes Jazkarta Unique?

In a nutshell, our team and our process

Technical Expertise - Our developers are highly skilled and have extensive experience in Python, front end web development, databases, cloud deployments, security, and integrating multiple components such as enterprise search and GIS on complex web projects.

Subject Matter Expertise - We specialize in nonprofit, academic and scientific websites and applications. Many on the team have science and engineering backgrounds.

Open Source Expertise -  Everyone on our team is heavily involved with open source software. We have been particularly active in the Plone community (Python’s enterprise grade content management system) and we also contribute to the open source Python web frameworks Pyramid and Django.

Mature Work Process - Our team has worked together for over 5 years and we have proven processes for requirements discovery, technical evaluations, agile development, and repeatable cloud deployments.

Focus - Because we are small we limit the number of projects that we work on, which enables us to really get to know our clients and their needs.

More About Our Team

Read why we love agile and we love open source