Django Applications

A web framework with a point of view

django-logo-positive.pngDjango is an open source Python web framework that's great for applications with a relational database backend. It has an active developer community and lots of available plugins. It comes with a built-in administrative UI, so you can start entering data as soon as your database schema is defined. It also includes an object-relational mapper so it's easy to connect an application with a database schema, and there are good tools for migrating the app when the schema changes. Django also includes web page templating, forms, authentication - so many things that the basic architecture of a Django app is already predetermined. This is great if the choices Django has made are right for your app, but it's a problem if they aren't.

Jazkarta has been working with Django since 2009 and we've delivered Django apps that include mapping tools, integration, LDAP and Active Directory authentication, and advanced search capabilities. We pride ourselves on using the right tool for the job, and on knowing the open source ecosystem so that we don't waste time re-inventing the wheel. We can help you determine whether Django is right for your needs and get your project off the ground quickly.

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