Empowering Nonprofits

We have extensive experience integrating Salesforce with open source web technologies, giving nonprofits a greater impact

We love nature and that's why we love helping nonprofits protect the environment. Our expertise shines when complex data and complex processes demand custom solutions. For these kinds of organizations, a highly customized website must integrate seamlessly with a backend database that captures member engagement information. For many non-profits that backend database is Salesforce.com. We are experts at integrating Salesforce with open source web technologies, including content management systems, information retrieval systems, and geographic information systems.

Our Salesforce integration projects are often a partnership between Jazkarta and Percolator Consulting, engagement strategists and CRM experts extraordinaire. After an initial discovery process, we implement the website frontend, Percolator implements the Salesforce backend, and the two parts connect via a custom API.

Screenshot of Mountaineers Rock Climbing Course

For example, The Mountaineers website makes it easy  for members and guests to register and pay for a class, choose class activities, buy related books, and participate as instructors and committee memberss. Actions like this result in oceans of data about members, courses, activities, rosters, committees, etc. being seamlessly synchronized between the frontend content management system Plone and Salesforce.

Sreenshot of WTA Work Party

The Washington Trails Association's Volunteer Management System also uses a Salesforce database integrated with open source tools including a search engine, mapping library, and web framework. WTA staff create trail maintenance work parties in Salesforce, and that data powers the website's faceted search and work party pages. Volunteers can browse and sign up for work parties and crew leaders can use the web front end to manage them. All the information is syched to Salesforce where WTA staff can track and reward volunteer engagement. Using this system WTA manages thousands of volunteers donating hundreds of thousands of hours on over 200 trails. That's really giving back to nature.