We are experts at integrating Plone and Salesforce and can help you get the most out of both systems

Plone+SalesforceIntegrating your CMS with your CRM creates a powerful combination. The leading CRM is mature, feature-rich, highly customizable, and has excellent integration capabilities. is a software-as-a-service solution, which can be a good choice for organizations with limited IT budgets. 

Combining Salesforce with Plone can provide non-profits with a cost effective online fundraising system. Plone add-ons are available for:

  • Taking one time and recurring online donations
  • Integrating with campaigns, including campaign timelines and goals
  • Personal fundraising - allowing users to create their own personal campaign pages
  • Web-to-lead forms that submit information from a Plone form into
  • Social integration via Janrain, a social login and sharing service
  • Unified authentication - logging into Plone with account information from
  • Paypal integration - add a new lead to when a new Paypal payment is made
  • Making RSVP-able events in your Plone site with data saved directly to campaigns
  • Dynamic display of data in Plone

These are just some of the possibilities. For more ideas, read our Salesforce+Open Source page.

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