Meet our team of trainers

Cris Ewing

Cris teaches Python web development for the University of Washington Professional & Continuing Education program and is the Lead Instructor in Python for Code Fellows, a leader in the rapidly growing field of technical training schools. He also teaches customized training courses in Plone, Django, Pyramid and network programming.  He was named Educator of the Year for 2014-2015 by the Puget Sound Programming in Python meetup in Seattle, WA in honor of his contributions to educating new Python programmers.

Cris has two decades of teaching experience, stretching back to his days as a computer music composer. He has delivered lectures, taught courses and mentored students and programming teams across the US, in Mexico, Europe and China. His years of experience as a professional web programmer stretch from static websites and CGI to today's most cutting-edge dynamic web technologies. His course catalog includes:

  • Plone User Training
  • Plone Integrator and Developer Training
  • Building Web Applications with Django
  • Building Web Applications with Pyramid
  • Python Network Programming
  • SQL Programming in Python

Nate Aune

Nate is a long-time citizen of the Plone community, having built his first Plone site in 2002. Nate is also an expert on Diazo, a middleware tool for theming web applications using CSS selectors and a few rules, and in cloud computing and deploying websites on Amazon EC2.

Nate  has helped many organizations accelerate their knowledge of Plone by providing on-site Plone training sessions. His Jazkarta classes include Best Practices for Deploying and Optimizing Plone SitesGetting Started with Plone Hosting on Amazon EC2, and Theming Plone using Diazo. He has also organized and conducted a Plone Bootcamp in Boston, Plone Magic training in New York City, and many developer sprints which provide a more informal but highly engaging learning experience for developers.

Sally Kleinfeldt

Sally has been using Python since 2000 and Plone since 2004, when she introduced it to The Nature Conservancy for their conservation practitioner collaboration site ConserveOnline. She is particularly familiar with using Plone on environmental and scientific websites.

Sally teaches Jazkarta's Getting Started With Plone, and user training classes customized to our clients' needs.