Custom Training

Jazkarta can provide basic or advanced training for end users or developers, customized for your team

New websites mean new tools for managing content, data, and process. If you need to get your team up to speed, we can provide a customized, on-site class. This eliminates the need for your staff to travel and  provides a private, team-building environment where in-house issues can be discussed in confidence. Select the topics you want to cover - we can accommodate any combination of designers, developers, sysadmins, webmasters, integrators, and end users.

Our  numerous classes on Plone and Python have received glowing client testimonials. Browse our offerings to get ideas for your own training situation.

Plone Training

Editors and administrators can learn about Plone from the experts, we have been part of the Plone community since version 2.

Python Training

Learn about the latest web frameworks. templating systems, tools, and libraries.

Save your organization time and money by tapping into our expertise