Plone Training

Learn about Plone from the experts

The Jazkarta team has been using and developing Plone for years. We have a deep understanding of how Plone works, and how to get the most out of Plone's features. Our user, developer, and deployment training classes are designed to address the most common use cases. We always emphasize best practices that ensure your site is future-proofed.

Title Description
Theming Plone Using Diazo The designer-friendly way to theme Plone
Plone 4 Developer Training Making developers and integrators productive in Plone
Getting Started with Plone Hosting on Amazon EC2 Learn EC2 and OpsWorks best practices
Best Practices for Deploying and Optimizing Plone Sites Configuring robust, repeatable deployments
Plone User Training Empowering Plone admins and content editors
Managing Agile Plone Projects For individuals who will be managing a Plone website development project