Sally Kleinfeldt

Sally Kleinfeldt

Orange, Massachusetts


Formerly a developer, Sally now manages Jazkarta's projects and consulting business.

Sally has created a unique approach to applying agile techniques, especially on projects that build on a full-featured content management system such as Plone. She also takes the lead on discovery for our larger projects, such as Go Botany, Dumbarton Oaks, The Mountaineers, and KCRW. Nothing delights her more than unleashing a roomful of people with ideas and sticky notes.

Sally's interests and experience include data and content management, information retrieval, biology, information visualization, and GIS. She has spoken at conferences on topics that include agile development, search, web services, and moving to the cloud. Along with legions of Massachusetts computer professionals, she learned to program in Bliss at Digital Equipment Corporation, but she's preferred Python for many years. She has a Ph.D. in biology and loves creating Plone sites and web applications that make scientists more productive.