Heroku Deployments

Heroku is an easy answer to the hosting question for many web apps

Heroku is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering that focuses on making applications as simple as possible to deploy. It transparently manages the underlying hardware resources (which are from Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud), giving Heroku deployments point and click simplicity. The cost of this simplicity is a loss of flexibility. If your application's architecture matches one of the common patterns that Heroku supports, it is a great choice. If not, you'll be fighting the platform and might be better served by something like OpsWorks which supports automation while giving you more control over your deployment stack.

Heroku can be a great fit for many small or simple applications.  For example, a typical Django application - relational database backend, no external services to be managed - is a great fit for a Heroku deployment. We can help you determine if Heroku is right for you, and if not, help you find other deployment strategies that will be. 

There are two ways that Jazkarta can help you with a Heroku deployment. We can treat the engagement like a custom training - help you deploy your app, show you the ropes, and let you take it from there. Or, if you would prefer to have professional help to make sure your application continues to run smoothly, we can take care of all your devops work through one of our support plans. In either case, Jazkarta will not charge you separately for hosting, you will pay Heroku directly for their charges.