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Web Applications

Jazkarta builds high quality web applications using open source Python frameworks like Django and Pyramid.

We strive to build solutions that are flexible and modular and we pride ourselves on using the best tools for the job. Our knowledge of open source means we won't waste time re-inventing components for your project and our agile development process ensures that we deliver your highest value features.

Django Applications

Jazkarta has been working with Django since 2009. Our clients often need a web application that talks to a back-end system. We've delivered solutions that integrate with GIS,, LDAP, Active Directory, and Solr search. Browse a sample of Jazkarta's Django clients.

Cloud Deployments

We have many years of experience deploying and hosting websites and web applications using Amazon's Elastic Computing Cloud. These technologies provide a scalable and highly redundant hosting infrastructure. More >>

Easy Mashups

Using Diazo, a middleware tool that maps web page content into an HTML design, pages can be created that pull in content from disparate sources. This effectively creates a dynamic “mashup” without the need to write custom code. This can be used, for example, to visually integrate content from an external blog or shopping cart site into a Plone, Django, or other type of website. More >>