ZODB Tips and Tricks

We may know that our content is safely stored in the ZODB, but there's a lot more than the Zope Object Database can do for us. In this talk Carlos covers some tips and tricks to do things like rescue crashed databases, do ad-hoc reports of database objects, view the contents of the ZODB outside of Plone, use relstorage and more.

Plone is great... Python is too!

So you decided to use Plone for your project or are considering it. One of the greatest benefits about that decision is that you get to work with Python. Don't stay on the shallow end of the pool, go deeper into Python! Carlos shows how you can use it to make your site work better and maybe even create some independent Python apps.

Agile Development with Plone

Sally describes Jazkarta's approach to managing a Plone website development project in an agile fashion, with a part time, distributed team. Topics include roles, scheduling, estimation, and project management tools.

Moving to the Cloud

"The Cloud" is a buzzword these days, but in this talk Nate and Sally describe what you need to know about public and private clouds, why it's important, and why you might want to consider it for your company/organization.

Plone Web Services Panel Discussion - Budapest

Sally led this panel discussion at the 2009 Plone Conference in Budapest. Matt Wilkes describes AtomPub for Plone, Matt Hamilton discusses CMIS, and Alec Mitchell and Calvin Hendryx-Parker describe their adventures with Plone web services.