Plone on Python 3: How to make the switch

In this 2018 Plone Conference talk, David walks us through migrating a Plone site to Python 3.

2020 is coming fast, and the journey toward Python 3 compatibility is almost complete - for Plone core itself. But what will it take to migrate an actual Plone website? David reviews the internal changes that have happened to make Plone run on Python 3, and offers advice on how to approach the upgrade for add-ons and Plone-based projects. He covers:

  • What has changed in Zope 4
  • Running Plone under WSGI
  • How to migrate your ZODB
  • Suggestions of areas that will need careful attention

Watch a video of the talk on YouTube.

Click to download the PDF:

Plone on Python 3 Presentation

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