Leading with Lead Images

Sally describes the technology behind Jazkarta's new website at the 2015 Plone Conference in Bucharest

Like the cobbler's children who have no shoes, the Jazkarta website had to wait a long time for a redesign. When we finally got to it this year our goal was to make the site more visually interesting, with tiled landing pages that are easy to change. Our new site is built on Plone 5 and uses content with lead images to drive various views and interactive features. It is a good example of how Plone's standard Dexterity "Image" field, combined with plone.app.imagecropping, can create image-rich content that can be re-purposed in a variety of ways. This talk describes two new add-ons that we have written that take advantage of lead images and search indexes to create pretty grid layouts with fun dynamic content filtering.

  • collective.relatedslider - Creates a scrollable slider at the bottom of a page with related content
  • collective.isotope - Provides animated content filtering for folders and collections using the Isotope Javascript library

You can watch a video of this talk on YouTube.

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