Accessibility in Plone: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Plone has a great track record for accessibility compliance, but things can go wrong on a heavily customized site. In this talk from the 2018 Plone Conference, Sally gives an accessibility case study.

Out of the box, Plone's accessibility compliance is outstanding, especially Plone 5. However when building a real site things can go wrong - in the theme, in add-ons, and in customizations. In this talk Sally describes the things that went wrong on a highly customized academic Plone site, which were discovered by an institutional audit. She covers the types of errors that were found, how common they were and how difficult to fix, and  provides guidance on what to look out for when developing a new site. Finally, she gives a wishlist of Plone accessibility improvements.

Watch a video of the talk on YouTube.

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