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What We Do

Jazkarta develops web applications and websites using the most advanced and secure open source technologies available.

Plone Consulting

If you have a website with dynamic features, lots of content and many editors, there really is no contest: Plone is the ultimate open source enterprise CMS. This secure, feature-rich, SEO and mobile friendly content management system out-performs many expensive commercial systems. And when you need more than just a CMS, we specialize in advanced features such as integrating Plone with, faceted search, GIS, and LDAP/Active Directory. More >>

Open EdX Consulting

Open EdX is an open source MOOC (massive open online course) platform. It is supported by a consortium of leading educational institutions that includes MIT, Harvard, and Stanford. We provide edX consulting and customization services, including the development of new course components using the XBlock architecture. More >>

Web Applications

We build high quality web applications utilizing modern web frameworks like Django and Pyramid. We know the benefits of using open source software and we want to share our knowledge with you to help you make informed decisions. More >>

Cloud Deployments

We are experts at cloud deployments and have many years of experience with a variety of cloud platforms including Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud. These technologies provide a scalable and highly redundant hosting infrastructure. More >>


Get your team up to speed with instructor-led classes on topics such as Theming with Diazo, Plone Deployment Best Practices, and Managing Agile Plone Projects. No matter what your skill level, we can help you understand and get the most out of your website. More >>


We won't abandon you when your project is done. We offer Support Plans that give you the expert help you need when you need it. More >>