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About Jazkarta

Jazkarta creates websites and web applications with open source software. We are experts at software architecture, design, implementation and deployment. Our focus is on Python technologies like Plone, Pyramid, Django, and edX. Our experience, expertise, and agility allows us to deliver high value with maximum efficiency.

Jazkarta has been delivering successful solutions to educational institutions, non-profits, government, and business since 2004. We work with our clients as collaborators, high level consultants and developers, and we treat them as partners working on the same team. Our business model enables us to put the best people available on our projects, regardless of location. Rather than settling for local talent, Jazkarta makes the best people available to you in an efficient and cost effective way.


Jazkarta is a "virtual" team - we have no physical offices. Every day we convene online through email, conference calls, video chats, and meetings on IRC. In addition to our focus on web content management and web application frameworks, our team members have expertise in search, GIS,, Amazon Web Services, and agile development. They are members of the Plone framework team, instructors, authors of books and articles, and creators of open source software. We know the best talent in the business and we have the flexibility to bring in just the right people for each project.  More >>


The best way to reduce the cost of software development is to build it right the first time. On every project we have ever done, the requirements at the end of the project didn’t match what was discussed at the beginning. Implementing the original requirements would have been a recipe for expensive rework. To avoid this, we use an agile approach to software development. This approach breaks the implementation into iterations, addressing the biggest risks early, and offering subsequent opportunities to modify the plan in response to new information. Rather than try to freeze requirements and hold the client to them, we work in a manner that encourages dialog and shifts focus to what is most important at any point in the project. More >>

Open Source

We are open source evangelists. We passionately believe in the value of open source software and the power of the communities that produce it. It's not just a question of cost - open source provides advantages in security, flexibility, and openness that are unmatched by commercial systems. Open source software is at the heart of all our projects. More >>