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When Not to Use Plone: and Why You Might Consider Django or Pyramid
Nate explores scenarios when a full-featured CMS such as Plone is the right tool for the job, and when a more lightweight web framework is preferable.
Pyramid Deployment and Maintenance
Carlos shows how a Pyramid application can be deployed using a front end web server like Apache or Nginx. He also covers how to automate deployment using buildout and a PyPI clone, and post-deployment creation of a variety of maintenance scripts and cron jobs that perform application specific tasks through Pyramid.
The Future of Search in Plone
Sally provides an information retrieval tutorial and discusses the questions: What does Solr bring to Plone? Should Solr become part of Plone core?
ZODB Tips and Tricks
We may know that our content is safely stored in the ZODB, but there's a lot more than the Zope Object Database can do for us. In this talk Carlos covers some tips and tricks to do things like rescue crashed databases, do ad-hoc reports of database objects, view the contents of the ZODB outside of Plone, use relstorage and more.