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Plone for Education: Bibliographies
Websites targeted at academic audiences can serve a variety of purposes, but no matter what the discipline, bibliographic references are a common theme. We introduce a new tool for styling bibliographies in Plone.
Academic Websites in Plone
Websites targeted at academics have common themes. This talk describes why Plone is well suited to academic websites and discusses some of the most important add-ons that target academic problems.
Plone: The Movie
We used this movie at the Gilbane Conference to introduce people to the Plone content management system. It shows a variety of sites that use Plone plus screenshots of some of Plone's features.
Managing Agile CMS Projects
All the pieces have fallen into place for that big website project. You've chosen a CMS, you've lined up the budget, you've gathered a team of developers, you've selected a design firm. You've worked with all the stakeholders and come up with a long list of features. The CMS will provide many of them, but some will need custom development. How are you going to manage the project?