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Managing Agile CMS Projects
All the pieces have fallen into place for that big website project. You've chosen a CMS, you've lined up the budget, you've gathered a team of developers, you've selected a design firm. You've worked with all the stakeholders and come up with a long list of features. The CMS will provide many of them, but some will need custom development. How are you going to manage the project?
Online Exhibits in Plone - Round 2
Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Collection recently completed a major website redesign, with Plone as their chosen CMS, and online exhibits are an important part of the new site. They wanted many features, but they also wanted online exhibits to be easy for content editors - even interns - to create.
Online Exhibits in Plone
Museums, libraries, art institutes, and many other types of organizations need online exhibits - websites that mimic the experience of walking through a gallery discovering interesting and beautiful objects. Sally describes the open source package that we have created for Dumbarton Oaks, and our incremental approach to defining and implementing it.
How To Get a Fabulous Website on a Modest Budget Using Plone
The University of Minnesota Press had big ideas about what they wanted their website to do, but a budget that common wisdom would judge too modest for those aspirations. Sally and Alec Mitchell describe how Jazkarta was able to create the site that UMP dreamed of within their budget constraints using Plone.