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Theming Websites Effortlessly with Deliverance
Nate shows how to theme any CMS in 5 minutes with Deliverance, a tool that makes theming easy. It takes content from a CMS and inserts it into placeholders in a theme destination.
What's New in Plone 4
Nate highlights some of the most important changes, including performance improvements, WYSIWYG editor, file storage, and the new user/group management interface.
How to Choose an Open Source CMS
Nate outlines the evaluation process, important considerations, and compares Plone, Drupal, Joomla!, and Wordpress.
Plone Web Services Panel Discussion - Budapest
Sally led this panel discussion at the 2009 Plone Conference in Budapest. Matt Wilkes describes AtomPub for Plone, Matt Hamilton discusses CMIS, and Alec Mitchell and Calvin Hendryx-Parker describe their adventures with Plone web services.