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How to Choose an Open Source CMS
Nate outlines the evaluation process, important considerations, and compares Plone, Drupal, Joomla!, and Wordpress.
Plone Web Services Panel Discussion - Budapest
Sally led this panel discussion at the 2009 Plone Conference in Budapest. Matt Wilkes describes AtomPub for Plone, Matt Hamilton discusses CMIS, and Alec Mitchell and Calvin Hendryx-Parker describe their adventures with Plone web services.
Deliverance - A Compelling Way to Theme Plone Sites
Why would you want to use Deliverance to theme your Plone site? Nate answers this question and walks you through the theming process.
Scientific Collaboration with Plone: A Case Study
Sally describes the lessons learned on a project to create a scientific collaboration site for the Advancing Green Chemistry organization. The site helped policy experts quickly prepare a brief for the incoming Obama administration.